Controlling homocysteine levels
To reduce the burden of patients and allow them to fully participate in life.
Orphan Technologies

Link to Clinical trial for classical homocystinuria

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Link to Natural History Study about homocystinuria

Orphan Technologies is committed to reduce the burden of patients suffering from elevated homocysteine levels. OT-58, our lead drug development candidate, has been optimized as an enzyme therapy for classical homocystinuria, a genetic disease characterized by debilitating cardiovascular, skeletal, neurologic, and ophthalmologic complications. OT-58 is designed to reduce homocysteine levels via a targeted mechanism of action and may have therapeutic applications in other diseases.

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“... after my brother had issues with his eyesight the eye doctor referred or entire family to a geneticist to be tested for homocystinuria...”
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“... OT-58 is designed to help patients reduce their homocysteine levels and restore a normal lifestyle.”
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Orphan Technologies interview on the HC&U podcast.