Management Team

Alexandre Sudarskis

Neovii Pharmaceuticals AG CEO, Alexandre Sudarskis has extensive 37 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. After obtaining his diplomas in Law and Economy at University Lyon III, he held Senior Executive positions at InstitutMerieux (Sanofi Pasteur / Merial) in charge of international commercial and marketing operations in animal healthcare and human biology.

After acquisition in 2006 of Chiron Corporation, he was appointed at the Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostic Division Executive Committee, which had sales of more than USD 1.3 billion. As a member of the Executive Committee, based in Basel, he was responsible for International Business Operation (USD 350 million). In his recent roles Alexandre Sudarskis was Managing Director Novartis Vaccines France, Member of Executive Committee Novartis Pharma France, Chair Administrator of Chiron Panacea Vaccines India and Novartis Behring India (Rabies vaccine manufacturer) and lately Head of International Alliances and Partnership at Viropharma.